I am t pomar, a queer tomboy femme and intersectional feminist writer and artist. I am a NBPOC currently based in the town of Brighton, in South East England. Always highly political in intent, my work spans genres and mediums – including academic essays, articles, poetry, and illustration – and, much like my identity, is influenced by the literal and figurative boundaries I have moved and continue to move across. Expect word-y posts, visual posts, or both – always through a queer lens.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Language, and Linguistics; and a Masters in Queer Studies. One day I hope to have the time to finish my PhD… In the meantime, I work to pay the bills by day and spend most nights developing my various passion projects.

My work explores a wide range of subject matter and, in the vaguest of senses, it could be said that most of it deals with queer identities and sexualities, their expressions, and the social, cultural, and physical environments that affect them or they fight against/have a problematic relation to. I am aware this encompasses just about anything but I am a modern grrrl, my interests are manifold. I do not believe in the highbrow/lowbrow binary and so my work is as likely to borrow from or be influenced by DIY and popular culture as it is from or by academia.

My illustrations and writing are forthcoming or can be found in Sinister WisdomFeral FeminismsBroad!, HotdogPolychrome InkQuaint, TQ Review, Cloudthroat and Heather.

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