The exclusive or/exclusive disjunction (symbolized by the infix operator XOR), is a connective in logic operations that yields true only when one (but not both) of the inputs/conditions is true. Sometimes expressed as “one or the other but not both”, the XOR operation can be written as “A or B, but not, A and B”.

This logical operator informed the sentiment in my poem, ‘XOR’ which explores the presumed logical impossibility of non-binary genders/genderqueerness and the prescribed notion of “male or female, but not, male and female, nor not-male and not-female”.

‘XOR’ features in this year’s TQ Review: A Journal of Trans and Queer Voices (Petersburg, VA: July 2017).



look what you’ve done to us
we are nothing more than the sum of our parts
the collective trauma of our discursive genders
the casualties of your virulent blanket terms

XOR (poem)


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