You can find t pomar’s poetry, art, and articles in these magazines and anthologies:

Sinister WisdomSinister Wisdom
Issue 117: Lesbians in the City
Poems: ‘Bushwick Ave’ & ‘If Only’
Started in 1976, Sinister Wisdom publishes quarterly in Berkeley, CA. Working to create a multicultural, multi-class lesbian space, the journal has featured the works of writers such as Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, and Minnie Bruce Pratt. Joan Nestle currently sits in its board of directors. More information…

Polychrome InkPolychrome Ink
Volume V
Poem: ‘We Drove along Highway 99’
Published biannually in San Francisco, CA and Montreal, Canada, Polychrome Ink is a literary magazine devoted to celebrating diversity. It brings underrepresented voices into the public eye by focusing on authors/poets who do not embody the majority of the publishing industry. More information (forthcoming)…

Feral FeminismsFeral Feminisms
Issue 7: Queer Feminine Affinities
Poem & Article: ‘Debility’
Feral Feminisms is an independent, inter-media, peer reviewed, open access online journal. Published in Toronto, Canada, it offers a space for students and scholars, artists and activists, to engage with feminist studies. The journal is a call to untaming, queering, and radicalizing feminist thought/practice. More information…

Issue 3: Delightfully Unprofessional
Poem: ‘Terra Incognita’
Hotdog is a poetry magazine featuring womxn writers, artists, and creatives. Produced in London, UK, the magazine blurs the space between creativity and consumption, asking readers to rethink how they view contemporary literature. It aims to bring truth, pain, and laughter to the page. More information…

TQ ReviewTQ Review
Issue 2
Poem: ‘XOR’
Published every June in Petersburg, VA, TQ Review is the literary journal component of Damaged Goods Press. Much like the publisher, the journal is interested in showcasing trans and queer writers. It seeks writing that shines a light into the darker corners of trans and queer culture. More information…

Issue 1
Poem: ‘Tidally Locked’
Established in Albuquerque, NM, Cloudthroat publishes new and emerging poetry from queer Indigenous poets and queer poets of color. The magazine highlights poetry that challenges and reimagines the concepts of body, border, agency, and homeland – giving voice to those marginalized. More information…

Summer 2016 Issue: Doors
Poem: ‘Sing, My Tongue’
Broad! is a literary semiannual that prints exclusively writers and artists who identify as women, trans, or non-binary. Founded in Chicago, IL, it hopes to change the severe underrepresentation of female, trans, and genderqueer writers by publishing work that crosses or plays with genre. More information…

Vol. 1, Issue 1
Poem: ‘This Side of Town’
Founded in New York, NY, Heather is a triannual digital literary magazine dedicated to publishing the work of lesser-known and underrepresented writers and artists. It accepts flash, short, and experimental fiction, as well as poetry, creative nonfiction, female-focused erotica, and art. More information…

Issue 3
Cover Art: ‘Fingerspelling Lesson’
Quaint is a quarterly that publishes dynamic and arresting poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and other prose by female-identified and non-binary writers. Established in New Orleans, LA, it publishes work that explores identity performance, particularly relating to subverting clichéd femininity. More information…