My CMYK Heart

Over the last few weeks I’ve been giving the final touches to a collection of poems, obsessively working until late at night – often exhausted after one of those long days doing the job that pays the bills – and at the expense of my life – I’ve been rather anti-social. All of the poems in said collection are thematically connected and constitute a chapbook about desires, lovers, and heartbreaks; about love(s). I know… love is dead – just like poetry; just like print. Or so they say. I’m not entirely sure this is true. I am of the Springfield school of thought: I am of the opinion that ‘Just a little lovin’ / Early in the morning / Beats a cup of coffee / For starting off the day.’ Yes, I know Dusty is talking about S.E.X. here, but I never said by ‘love’ I meant exclusively romantic love – the joke’s on you: You shouldn’t have hastily dismissed my verse! Anyway… I digress. Back to the ‘collection of poems’: I have been so fixated on this chapbook, I’ve been dreaming about it every night without fail. A couple of days ago I dreamt I was holding it in my hands and vividly pictured its cover: Minimalist stripped-down artwork that would simultaneously convey both simplicity and strength. A cover that would celebrate all of those things that are so last-year – love, the poetic, the printed word – with the graphic confidence and straightforwardness of our modern times – in constant demand for the instant gratification of uncluttered aesthetics. One of two clear ironies behind this statement/cover being that our loving is just so messy of course. The other one being that despite love being so passé, we still celebrate it in its many forms; interpreting and reinterpreting it throughout our lives – just like I am doing with this chapbook and its cover.

In How to Grow Up, Michelle Tea writes about ‘the power of positive thinking.’ Though I am not one to ‘fool around with all airy-fairy new-agey ideas’, I do agree keeping a goal or “dream” firmly in mind is not going to hurt. Plus, I give whatever Michelle Tea advises a whirl; because, hello, Michelle Tea! So, instead of simply closing my eyes and visualizing my cover, I have decided to take a step further and design my cover. Is this going to “jinx” it? I don’t know. As I said, I am not very good at these ‘airy-fairy new-agey’ things. But, what’s done is done; this is the cover I envision my collection would have (minus the chapbook title and my name… that would definitely jinx it!); this is ‘My CMYK Heart’.