To All the Girls I’ve Crushed On

The one where I’m extra swaggy… but also vulnerable and romantic and full of yearning – the kind that comes from the lack of closure (historical and anticipated).

This poem goes out to all them (bicurious/closet-case) girls who showed varying levels of romantic/sexual interest, strung me along, were infatuated with me, lusted after me, loved me, etc.

You continue to come to me ‘radiating with the plump crimson lips of nostalgia’ and ‘I respond to the attention your body demands’ – lines from another poem about you (as a collective), entitled ‘Panic’.

I wrote ‘To All the Girls I’ve Crushed On’ for my Instagram suite of poems – ‘The #tpomarquarantinepoetry Series’ – from the following prompt: ‘Utopia. Titillating. Nostalgia. Zeitlos (Timelessness). Felicific.’

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