The Future

Besides the most obvious and irrefutable physical threats to personal health brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic (be those virus or livelihood related), emotions have also become more heightened and gained a much greater sense of urgency.

Anxiety, fear, and loneliness are some of the feelings reportedly skyrocketing due to Coronavirus raging across the planet. This has led to misattribution of emotions, mistaking tumult-induced uncertainty for something else entirely.

Similarly, the need to act now – to fast-forward to a post-COVID future world – could also lead someone to experience an insurmountable and gripping desire for change – within the self and/or with regards to one’s lifestyles.

Part of an Instagram suite of poems (‘The #tpomarquarantinepoetry Series’) and crafted from the prompt ‘a positive outcome from all of this’, ‘The Future’ is an optimistic and genuine wish for vulnerable strength, sweet felicity, and unwavering wholeness.

Post image for 'The Future'