Bushwick Ave

After ‘The #tpomarquarantinepoetry Series’, I took a break from sharing poetry online. Never from writing it. Just from posting it on this blog and/or my socials. Today, I’m sharing “an oldie” (but “a goodie”… hopefully you agree).

This one doesn’t require much preamble or contextualization – I think. It’s about meeting that girl. (You know the one: The cool badass that straight away takes your breath away; the one the likes of which were never seen in your one-horse town.) And how, to your surprise, she finds your “quirks” charming and gives you the time of day. People say she’s a bit of a “mess”. But, she’s a hot mess. So, you go for it (you gotta scratch that itch). As expected, delicious drama ensues.

Also known as ‘The Rupture’, ‘Bushwick Ave’ was recently published in the ‘117: Lesbians in the City’ issue of Sinister Wisdom (Dover, FL: July 2020).

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