If Only

Wow, it’s been a minute… This post should have immediately followed my previous one – on my poem, ‘Bushwick Ave’. In my defense, I’m not actually into writing blog posts (#sorrynotsorry) and much has gone down since November 2020. For starters, I emigrated from the UK to Canada!

Two years since my last entry, I’m posting about another “oldie” of mine: ‘If Only’. This poem was published alongside ‘Bushwick Ave’ and, much like it, it’s fairly self-explanatory. Despite being picked up for publication in 2020, I wrote ‘If Only’ millennia ago (or so it feels/reads like), when I was still but a “kid”, full of the bravado of baby dykeness and lusting after an older woman – hey-o!

‘If Only’ appeared in the ‘117: Lesbians in the City’ issue of Sinister Wisdom (Dover, FL: July 2020).

Post image for 'If Only'